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Мы предоставляем услуги для промышленных производителей, субъектов внешнеэкономической деятельности, торговых представительств и частных предпринимателей

Наша основная специализация: сертификация, гигиена, регистрация интеллектуальной собственности

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UCGROUP provides specialized services for registration of certificates of quality, hygienic conclusions and testing products. UCGroup has several modern laboratories accredited at the state level.

Certificates of quality and hygienic conclusion made by your company to act on the territory of Ukraine and are suitable for export / import products. At any time, your business can apply and get expert advice from our experts on the implementation of the trading activity in Ukraine.

Full range of services:

Intellectual property:

  •     Trademark / Brand
  •      International trade mark registration
  •      Preliminary search of TM
  •      Patent Search
  •      design
  •      International patenting prom. sample
  •      invention
  •      utility model
  •      copyright
  •      Know-how
  •      Bar code

Development of regulatory documents:

  •      Specifications
  •      Harmonization of technical conditions
  •      Selection of State Standards

Permissive documents:

  •      Code Definition UKTZED
  •      Code Definition DKPP
  •      Sanitary-epidemiological conclusions / hygiene
  •      certificates
  •      Refusal letter of certification / Deciding what products are not subject to certification

Other services:

  • Seminars, training courses