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UCGROUP - consulting company providing since 2001 a full range of registration certificates of quality and hygienic conclusions on all kinds of products. We provide services for industrial manufacturers, economic agents, sales offices and private businesses

Our main specialization certification, hygiene, intellectual property registration

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Hygienic conclusions

What is the hygienic conclusion (hygiene, conclusion sanitary hygienic service)?

Hygienic conclusion - a document which certifies compliance with the object of the state sanitary - epidemiological expertise ( imported products , products of national production ) health requirements for the health and safety of human life.

State sanitary-epidemiological examination - a procedure that is comprehensive studies examination objects to align objects of examination requirements of sanitary legislation , as well as requirements regarding safety of the facility for health and human life.

Why hygienic examination?

This procedure is intended to prevent the ingress of consumers goods, harmful and dangerous to life and health.

Hygienic conclusion:

  • Confirms the high quality of your products.
  • Increases consumer confidence.
  • Gives you a competitive advantage.
  • Increase sales

Product labeling, which took hygienic examination.

The client has the right to apply to goods, their packaging or label mark confirms that the products issued hygienic conclusion only after obtaining danogo document.

Price: from 2000 UAH

Turnaround time: 3 days

Documents required for registration hygienic conclusion (conclusion sanitary hygienic service):

  1. Application (sealed) - filled our experts
  2. The list of goods (in MS Word or MS Excel).
  3. Name and address of the manufacturer and the applicant.
  4. Catalog (IF EQUIPPED)
  5. Copies of certificates of conformity and hygienic conclusions, foreign or previously designed (if available).
  6. Contract (if any).
  7. Copies of registration documents (certificate of business registration certificate and VAT / single tax).




  • Means of communication;
  • Baby goods, toys;
  • Medical equipment;
  • Detergents;
  • ...

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