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UCGROUP - consulting company providing since 2001 a full range of registration certificates of quality and hygienic conclusions on all kinds of products. We provide services for industrial manufacturers, economic agents, sales offices and private businesses

Our main specialization certification, hygiene, intellectual property registration

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Types of Certificates

Mandatory certification UkrSEPRO conducted on compliance with the mandatory requirements of the applicable regulations in Ukraine regarding the safety of human life and health, protect their assets, ELECTROMAGNETIC compatibility and environmental protection. Mandatory certification is carried out only in terms of safety.

Under mandatory certification flagged as imported products and domestic products, such as:

  • Radio-electronic equipment, household.
  • Baby goods, toys.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Detergents.
  • Dishes.
  • Computer equipment.
  • Means of communication.
  • Special protective equipment.
  • Electrical and similar equipment and their components
Full list of products subject to mandatory serifikatsii can be found here (Reigning KOMІTET Ukrainy W Food TEHNІCHNOGO REGULYUVANNYA TA SPOZHIVCHOЇ POLІTIKI NA THE DECREE 01.02.2005 N 28 from 4/05/2005
 When customs clearance for goods subject to mandatory certification, certificate obyazatlen.

Voluntary certification

If your products are not subject to mandatory certification, you can go through a voluntary certification UkrSEPRO, which is held in accordance with relevant regulations, agreed with the customer. Voluntary certification confirms the high quality of your products, increases the confidence of the customers, gives a competitive advantage in the market and ultimately increases your sales.